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Nobody Gets Me – SZA

Nobody Gets Me Chords SZA Intro | G | D | Am | Am | | G | D | Am | Am | G D Took a long vacation, no make-up, just JAY-Z Am You were balls deep, now we beefin’, had me butt-naked at the MGM G D So wasted, screamin’, “Fuck that”, […]

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Low – SZA

Low Chords SZA Ab Tell ’em to shoot I’m out the loop, I’m out of range G Oh, I stay out the way Cm Cunning down, the side of me, I like to get it poppin’ But these bitches in my business got me out here choosin’ violence If you see me out in public,

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F2F Chords SZA Intro | D | Em | Bm | G | D I been thinkin’ ’bout you, haven’t got much sleep Em Worried that you already done replaced me Bm G Worried I done took it too far and you too hurt to hear me D Smokin’ on a Backwood ’cause I miss

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Seek & Destroy – SZA

Seek & Destroy Chords SZA Tune to Eb Intro | Em | F#m G | Em | F#m G | Em F#m G You push me past my own capacity, boy Em F#m G Permission to crash, collectin’ damages, boy Em F#m G No reachin’ or grabbin’ for more clarity now Em F#m G Seek

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Special – SZA

Special Chords SZA Intro | C | C | F | F | C I wish I was that girl from that Gucci store She never wore any makeup and she owns couture F I got pimples where my beauty marks should be I got dry skin on my elbows and knees C I never

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